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Established by the Indian Law Society, the Centre for Health Equity, Law & Policy uses the law as a tool for health transformation, embedding its work in the right to health as envisaged within India's constitutional framework and her international commitments. It advocates for equity and justice in health through generation, sharing and use of knowledge that informs related law and policy.

Technology & Health

C-HELP believes that technology should be used in the context of health to ensure the actualization of the right to health.

Legislating Health

C-HELP is committed to health-related legislative efforts in keeping with India’s constitutional framework and her international commitments. 

Health & Policy

­­C-HELP’s work includes examining the role played by policy in ensuring the right to health, intersecting where it does with other areas of governance. 


While C-HELP works on a wide array of law and policy issues related to health, much of its current work fits within these initiatives


In the Press


Shefali Malhotra argues for operating new technologies within an ethical framework, a robust regulatory process, and a new legal architecture.

Embrace new health tech, but with due safeguards

21 July 2020


Vivek Divan explains how a bottom-up empowerment approach resembling the HIV response can recalibrate India’s COVID-19 efforts to serve community health and public good.

HIV Lessons for COVID-19 and the Future of Health Care in India

27 May 2020


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C-HELP does not discriminate on the basis of caste, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, disability, age or marital status. 

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