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Announcement - New Podcast Episode

Exploring Healthcare in Maharashtra
Status of States: Episode 2


Established by the Indian Law Society, the Centre for Health Equity, Law & Policy uses the law as a tool for health transformation, embedding its work in the right to health as envisaged within India's constitutional framework and her international commitments. It advocates for equity and justice in health through generation, sharing and use of knowledge that informs related law and policy.


While C-HELP works on a wide array of law and policy issues related to health, much of its current work fits within these initiatives


Technology & Health

C-HELP believes that technology should be used in the context of health to ensure the actualization of the right to health. C-HELP undertakes research, advocacy, and literacy through the examination of law, policy and practice in relation to digital health, and the use of technology in health-related systems and delivery.


Legislating Health

C-HELP is committed to health-related legislative efforts in keeping with India’s constitutional framework and her international commitments. It also considers the robust implementation of extant laws as a crucial concomitant to legislating health. C-HELP produces knowledge to support and critique such efforts, including legislative drafting, review, and literacy.


Health & Policy

C-HELP’s work includes examining the role played by policy in ensuring the right to health, intersecting where it does with other areas of governance. C-HELP enquires into health policy as part of a larger ecosystem that influences health and health outcomes.

Recent Publications


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