The submission raises vital issues on the absence of legislative imprimatur, implementation processes, citizen engagement and detailed comments on the gaps in consent, privacy, enforcement and accountability measures envisaged in the policy

C-HELP & CMHLP's submission to the National Health Authority on the National Digital Health Mission's draft Health Data Management Policy 

21 September 2020

C-HELP’S submission on the centrality of human rights to law & policy responses for epidemic control, needed reform of the Epidemic Diseases Act, and legislation to regulate use of personal health data

Submission to the NHRC sub-committee to assess 'Impact of COVID-19 epidemic on people's human rights'

13 August 2020

C-HELP’s submission concerning amendments proposed to raise women's age of marriage to 21 years, as a response to high maternal mortality, and to address health and nutrition of women and children. 

Memorandum - Task Force on Age of Marriage, Maternal Mortality, Nutrition 

27 July 2020


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