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Queer rights beyond marriage equality: What the new Parliament needs to do

24 June 2024

In June, as the world observes Pride Month, Vivek Divan of C-HELP asserts that queer challenges to the status quo should be rooted in reimagining the role that law can play in advancing society while empowering people.


Ensuring Fairness in

4 June 2024

Arnav Mahurkar of C-HELP analyses how the Draft Digital Competition Bill could tackle

anti-competitive practices in the Indian

e-pharmacy market.


Suraj Sanap examines the ways in which courts have applied the HIV Act and moulded relief.  He also discusses whether practices in the private sector have evolved in conformity with the law.

Five years of the HIV/AIDS Act, 2017: An assessment— Part 2

15 January 2024


Five years of the HIV/AIDS Act, 2017: An assessment— Part 1

15 January 2024

Adam Caar

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Prevention and Control) Act, 2017 has been in force for more than five years. Suraj Sanap does a critical examination of its implementation.


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Anmol Mathur and Shefali Malhotra share their experience with RTI and how the government stonewalled Right to Information queries seeking information on contracts between public authorities and private technology companies on digital health initiatives.

‘No data’ and other tactics: How the government is dodging RTI queries on health pacts with Big Tech

9 December 2023


The global push to decriminalize queer sex is seeing both victories and setbacks, according to a new report from the HIV Policy Lab. Vivek Divan participated in its launch and spoke of the LGBTQ decriminalisation litigation work done in India, and its relationship with the HIV response and civil society efforts.

New Report Reveals that Decriminalizing Queer Sex Improves HIV Outcomes

1 December 2023


India is piloting ambitious digital health initiatives while neglecting data safeguards

31 October 2023

India’s new data protection law, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023,
neither meets the standards set out in the global strategy document, nor the privacy judgement of the Indian Supreme Court
write Shivangi Rai and Shefali Malhotra.


Shivangi Rai explains in a podcast for The Hindu, how and why cyber attacks on healthcare organisations have become increasingly frequent in the country, and how much security is provided to sensitive data under the recently-passed Data Protection Act.

How safe is our personal health data with the Indian government?
|In Focus podcast

14 November 2023


Vivek Divan assesses the Supreme Court verdict in the marriage equality case and looks at what lies ahead for the queer community.

It's back on us

18 October 2023


World Mental Health Day | One year of Tele-MANAS:
The wins, the concerns

10 October 2023

India launched the Tele-MANAS helpline on World Mental Health Day, October 10, last year. The helpline has received over three lakh calls and spread its coverage across 32 States and Union Territories. However, an RTI by
C-HELP revealed that Tele-MANAS does not have a data privacy policy


Tele MANAS clocks 2 lakh consultations, yet lacks data privacy policy

30 August 2023

An RTI filed by C-HELP in July 2023 revealed that Tele MANAS, centre's helpline for mental health support operated by NIMHANS has

been operational for over 10 months without

a privacy policy.

writes Navya P K.


Infection risks, long hours, mental stress: Why is there no law for the safety of health workers?

3 June 2023

The pandemic shed light on the challenges that healthcare workers routinely face and the state of their occupational safety. Policies are moving in the right direction but have a limited impact while being unable to provide legal recourse writes Anmol Mathur.


The Margins Within: on same sex marriage and relationships

24 April 2023

Vivek Divan writes about the need for the Supreme Court to address queer realities in all their vulnerabilities.


With the Surrogacy Act, the judiciary has the chance to expand scope of reproductive rights

27 October 2022

Gargi Mishra and Brototi Dutta examine the lacunae in the laws on surrogacy and assisted reproductive technologies, and the opportunities before the Courts to address these gaps and extend reproductive rights and justice.


Shefali Malhotra, Shivangi Rai and Rohin Garg examine gaps in the governance framework underpinning the National Digital Health Mission. The article is based on the C-HELP-IFF working paper on the same subject.

Unhealthy Data Governance: Problem of weak accountability extends to personal health data as well

14 July 2021

 27 September 2020


Gargi Mishra writes about how to strengthen the proposed law on assisted reproductive technologies in order to promote their safe, ethical and equitable use.

Bill to regulate fertility treatments is much needed but fails to address legal concerns

30 October 2020


Shefali Malhotra argues for operating new technologies within an ethical framework, a robust regulatory process, and a new legal architecture.

Embrace new health tech, but with due safeguards

21 July 2020

 27 September 2020


Vivek Divan explains how a bottom-up empowerment approach resembling the HIV response can recalibrate India’s COVID-19 efforts to serve community health and public good.

HIV Lessons for COVID-19 and the Future of Health Care in India

27 May 2020

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